the learning process is something you can incite, literally incite, like a riot.
— audre lorde

this is not a complete list! so much of what i’ve learned and teach is due to the many amazing books & resources i’ve read. if you’re feeling lost or confused—here are some good places to start help you find your way.


fertility awareness / menstrual cycle charting

reproductive health & wellness

reproductive justice

  • reproductive justice: an introduction by loretta ross & rickie solinger

  • killing the black body by dorothy roberts

  • black women and the pill


pregnancy & birth

  • natural hospital birth by cynthia gabriel

  • when survivors give birth by penny simkin & phyllis klaus

  • spiritual midwifery by ina may gaskin

  • the birth partner by penny simkin

  • the thinking woman’s guide to a better birth by henci goer

  • orgasmic birth by elizabeth davis & debra pascali-bonaro

  • birthing from within by pam england & rob horowitz


teens / young adults


  • the ultimate guide to sex and disability by miriam kaufman, cory silverberg, & fran odette

on deciding (or not) to become a parent



  • menopause, the wild woman way by susun weed

death & dying

  • holding space by amy glen wright


madison, wi resources

*thank you for noticing my affiliate links! these will send you to a website called indiebound where you can find a local bookstore near you and order the book online (and a small percentage goes back to me for my lending library). please consider purchasing books locally instead of from amazon. here’s why.