your body is magic and so is ashley! learning about the beauty of fertility is extremely exciting and helpful. you can lose focus when you’re constantly reading about these things on your own, but ashley brought it all together to make sense! thanks again.
— kara m.
working with ashley has been seriously life changing. not only does she empower you through knowledge sharing about FAM, but engages your questions and encourages conversation on all levels of the scientific to spiritual scale. i’ve felt so supported by her as a FAM mentor, am no longer fearful or shameful of my menstrual cycle, and continually rejoice as i notice which phase i’m in. i’m forever grateful to Ashley for re-igniting this deep curiosity!
— liliana c.
your fertility awareness series was fun and wonderful. my partner would always tell me I looked so happy after the class, that he could hear us laughing from downstairs. you are doing good and needed work. thank you, thank you.
— elizabeth b.
i first met ashley when she did a presentation for the campus women’s center, during which she asked students if they noticed they felt more creative during their “fertile wave”, something i had never thought of before. being involved in a conservative catholic community at the time, most of what i heard and learned about fertility awareness approaches was centered around having children. aside from the obvious benefit of offering a method that avoids the use of hormonal contraceptives while still focusing on preventing unwanted pregnancy, i also appreciated her reminding women that our cycles and our fertility can have other uses and benefits than just getting pregnant, and that childbearing is not our sole purpose.
— margaret h.
i would highly recommend ashley’s FAM course to anyone curious about natural birth control options. the class, charts, and course materials laid out the method in a clear, accessible, and empowering way.  ashley always uses inclusive language with regards to gender and sexuality, and made me feel comfortable to ask questions and troubleshoot any issues that came up with using FAM. i had taken a women’s health course before and learned about the phases of the menstrual cycle, but didn’t fully understand how it connected to what i observed in my own body until after i took the course. i now feel more confident in reading my body’s signals and tracking hormonal changes. taking this course was an awesome investment in my personal healthcare, and well worth it!
— anonymous
the information not only gives you an amazing alternative to hormonal birth control, it also gives you basic knowledge of your body that everyone deserves to know. the class is not only informative, but also empowering. ashley is super supportive and willing to answer whatever questions i have. i love being able to better understand my body now!
— abby m.
i think it’s empowering to understand all of the intricacies of my body and gain an understanding of the mysteries i’ve experienced since puberty. i loved learning what the hormones do and why they do it; what’s going on inside my body and the external connections. talking with someone that sees this information as exciting and beautiful is really helpful in feeling that way myself!
— allison s.
i first heard about FAM through a blog/podcast and was completely intrigued. i have been on the pill for the last decade and was ready to rid my body of these artificial hormones and find out what my body is like without them. ashley was exactly who I needed to guide me through this information and process. the class that she offers is one of the best things I’ve put my money towards. she is a great support and a wonderful teacher, which even makes me want to pursue a career in women’s health, teaching FAM as well. she is truly amazing.
— casey r.
i really enjoyed learning FAM with ashley, she is a wonderful, patient and kind teacher. the whole process of practicing FAM is not as intimidating as i had initially feared it would be. taking my temp and checking cervical fluid every day are just second nature now. it is great being so in touch with what is happening in my body every day of the month, i don’t dislike getting my period as much as i used to, and am not surprised by it anymore! understanding the hormone surges and how they affect everything from temperature to mood is also very helpful, and i think it has helped me understand myself, my feelings, and helped me be a little more patient with myself. it has also made me a lot more aware of how my body responds to everything from my eating and sleeping habits to stress and allergies.
— miriam f.
i love FAM. i feel so empowered and confident in myself.
the pill was making me feel unwell, but i was very nervous and sure that i was going to get pregnant. now i feel much more confident and educated! i love my body more now than i ever have!
— jess p.
when i took ashley’s fertility awareness course it was amazing! i can’t believe how much better she helped me understand my own body!
— bailey m.