sitting with someone as they realize their own wholeness—that is the work of the healer and the doula.
— adrienne marie brown

as if finding out you are pregnant & holding all the physical / emotional changes isn’t enough, many folks feel like they need to keep their early pregnancies a secret and handle these changes & feelings alone (or only with their closest family / friends). they are afraid of sharing their joy or fear or other complicated feelings because of the chances of early miscarriage. this in and-of-itself is difficult, and if a miscarriage does in fact happen, most people have to deal with the complicated feelings of this event alone as well.

you deserve to have your choices, your fears, your happiness, your grief, & your confusion honored and respected.  you deserve to be treated like a whole, complete, & complex human.  you deserve to have options, you deserve to be fully educated on those options, you deserve the right to make the choices that are best for you and be 100% supported in those choices.  you deserve love & comfort & peace.  

full spectrum doulas can't make decisions for you and can't fix your problems, but they can be a safe space, a supportive space, an educational space, & a loving space. 

if you or someone you know is going through or went through a miscarriage & needs some support, please reach out.

contact for more information or to set up a time to talk.