pregnancy encompasses many realms. for some, it is a very physical event while for others it can be emotional, or psychological, mental, political, sacred, even medical. the overarching reality though, inclusive of all, is that pregnancy is transformational.
— whapio diane bartlett

far too often, we’ve been told that our bodies are dangerous, that we need an authority figure to lead the way, and that we don’t know what we need. we learn to not trust our instincts and our bodies, and become constrained by the stories we hear from our families, our culture, and sometimes even parts of our selves.

pregnant people already have the strength & wisdom to know what they need and how to meet those needs.

as a full spectrum doula, my job is to support people during pregnancy, labor, birth, miscarriage, and abortion, not because i have the answers they need but because sometimes people need to be witnessed, or heard, or seen in order to tap into their own strength & wisdom.

working with a full spectrum doula means

  • a collaborative relationship of care

  • acceptance & validation regardless if you continue or end your pregnancy (or keep this one & end the next one, or keep the next one & end this one, etc.)

  • conversation & someone to listen to your thoughts, needs, feelings

  • education around labor, birth, miscarriage, abortion

  • basic hands-on comfort measures

  • a continuous presence

  • support at home or in clinics & hospitals

  • gender inclusive language

pregnancy & birth services

  • emotional, educational, physical, & spiritual support during all the phases of your pregnancy and all possible outcomes

  • 3 or 4 meetings during pregnancy to get to know each other, learn about your hopes & vision for your labor & birth, create a birth plan, talk about what happens during labor & birth, practice meditations or other relaxation techniques, etc. your partner is welcome to attend these as well (and more meetings can be scheduled if desired!)

  • weekly text check-in to chat about where you’re at emotionally / mentally / physically

  • 24/7 on-call +/- 2 weeks from your estimated due date

  • continuous, in-person support from active labor (or whenever you need me!) through 1-2 hours postpartum (regardless if your labor is 4 hours or 44 hours!)

  • one postpartum visit (1-2 hours) to process the birth, write the birth story, etc.

cost: $800
sliding scales & payment plans are available—just ask!


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