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online intro to fertility awareness & menstrual cycle charting

this monthly offering is for anyone interested in learning more about the menstrual cycle or wondering about hormone free birth control options (the fertility awareness method).  the class is one hour long and will cover the phases of the cycle, the hormones of the cycle, uterine anatomy, basic how-to guide for charting cervical fluid and basal body temperature, and different ways of storing this information (paper charts & apps).

each online session has eight seats at different prices to make the class accessible for all.  please choose the amount that fits your needs and consider the needs of others as well.

1 seat @ $1
2 seats @ $5
3 seats @ $10
1 seat @ $20
1 seat @ $25

to reserve your seat, RSVP here and venmo your chosen amount to ashley-hartman-annis
once your payment is sent you'll receive a confirmation email and information about how to log on to the class.

classes will be held via google hangouts, and a computer with a microphone & camera is needed (please email if you don't have access to this and we'll figure out an alternative arrangement).

to request a date / time for an intro class, please fill out this survey.

email with any questions or concerns.

can't wait to meet you!