we are told by the medical industrial complex how our body is supposed to look, how our body is supposed to behave, and what ‘health’ means. we already know a lot about our bodies, though. politicizing womb health is about reclaiming our autonomy of our own bodies.
— La Loba Loca

many of us grew up in communities where we learned that sex was shameful or something to be feared. we weren’t given much direction for what safe and satisfying sexual relationships with ourselves and with other could look like. we didn’t learn enough (or anything!) about our bodies, fertility, pregnancy, desire, what is okay to want & not want, how to set boundaries, how to explore, how to communicate, how to listen to our selves.

Learning to chart the menstrual cycle is a way of reclaiming our bodies.

one way of taking our bodies back into our own hands is through menstrual cycle charting, or the fertility awareness method (FAM):
the daily practice of observing cervical fluid, basal body temperature, and cervical changes. this information is recorded on a paper chart or charting app, where patterns begin to emerge. the experienced FAM user can tell you if they are in their fertile window (meaning intercourse or insemination could lead to pregnancy) or if they are in an infertile part of the cycle.

through this daily practice, the FAM user can prevent pregnancy without hormones, consciously achieve pregnancy (via intercourse or insemination), and to better understand the body that moves them through the world.  this information is personal, intimate, political, empowering, transformational, simple, and life-changing. 

you deserve to understand how your body works.

introductory workshops

the perfect place for beginners! discussion of menstrual cycle hormones (follicle stimulating hormone / estrogen / luteinizing hormone / progesterone), phases of the cycle, when fertility begins & ends each cycle. online group class.


the sex education class you totally deserve but never got! covers internal & external reproductive anatomy for all body types (XX, XY, and intersex variations), how our anatomy develops in the womb, and so much more! online group class—coming soon!


the teens & pre-teens in your life deserve this info too! age-appropriate info on the menstrual cycle, hormones, changing bodies, sexuality, & consent. online group class.


intermediate / advanced level workshops

all about the (scientifically studied!) rules & guidelines for preventing pregnancy using the fertility awareness method without hormones. 3-4 cycles of charting required. online group class.


learn the language of your uterus! how to observe, interpret, and chart your cervical fluid patterns, what can affect cervical fluid, how to tell the difference between fluid and other secretions, what’s normal & what’s not, and more!
coming soon!


there are so many options for preventing pregnancy that don’t involve hormones. learn how to use barriers, withdrawal, & herbal allies in conjunction with fertility awareness charting. coming soon!


this series covers the full fertility awareness method and prepares the student to use FAM for birth control. includes a hard copy of the fertility awareness method workbook. online group class.


private coaching sessions

we’ll discuss your learning goals to tailor a session to your needs—anything from cervical fluid & BBT technique, understanding the hormones, knowing how to apply the fertility awareness rules, or whatever charting challenges you are facing. online or in-person private sessions.


do you need some help interpreting your cervical fluid observations or have some questions about your charting technique? are you unsure about what days are infertile and what days are fertile? let’s look at your charts! a minimum of three charts required. online or in-person private session.


for more info, contact or email ashley.hartman.annis@gmail.com