“we are told by the medical industrial complex how our body is supposed to look, how our body is supposed to behave, and what ‘health’ means, but in reality we already know a lot about our bodies. politicizing womb health is about reclaiming our autonomy of our own bodies.”
— La Loba Loca

here’s the sad truth:

we live in a culture that sees sexuality as either something to be feared & ashamed of, or something used as a means to another end—something that when it looks & feels a certain way it is useful for selling something, achieving wealth, gaining power. we grow up without much direction for what a healthy sexual relationship with ourselves and with others could look like. many of us became sexually active without knowing much about ourselves at all—we never get the chance to learn how our bodies work, how pregnancy & fertility works, what we desire, what is okay to want & not want, how to communicate with our partner(s), how to communicate with our selves. 

so what can we do?

learning to chart the menstrual cycle is a huge step in reclaiming our bodies—to use them in the ways we want them to be used.  this information can be used to prevent pregnancy, to achieve pregnancy (via intercourse or insemination), or to better understand the body that moves us through the world.  this information is personal, intimate, political, empowering, transformational, simple, and life-changing.  you deserve to understand how your body works.

contraception services include:

  • menstrual cycle intro (online group class): perfect place to start for beginners to cycle charting! includes discussion of the hormones of the menstrual cycle (super important for understanding the fertility awareness method), the different phases of the cycle, what happens during each phase, and basics of observing cervical fluid and basal body temperatures (the two primary fertility signals). offered once a month! one scholarship per class available.

  • cycle charting as birth control (online group class): all about the (scientifically studied!) rules & guidelines for preventing pregnancy using the fertility awareness method without hormones.

  • full series — fertility awareness as birth control (online group class): this 3 part series will cover everything you need to know to use the fertility awareness method as your primary birth control (offered several times a year!).

  • menstruation & cycle charting for young folks (online group class): the pre-teens & teens in your life deserve this info too! age-appropriate info on the menstrual cycle, hormones, changing bodies, sexuality, & consent.

  • chart reviews (online or in-person private session): are you looking to better understand what your cycle is telling you? do you need some help interpreting your cervical fluid observations or have some questions about your charting technique? are you unsure about what days are infertile and what days are fertile? let’s look at your charts! a minimum of three charts required (contact to set up a session!).

  • fertility awareness coaching (online or in-person private session): whether this is a completely new subject or you’ve already done a little self-teaching, it definitely doesn’t hurt to learn all the ins & outs of the method. during these sessions we will come up with a learning goals outline and discuss whatever it is you need help with—from finding cervical fluid, understanding the hormones, knowing how to apply the fertility awareness rules, figuring out what your cycle is trying to tell you, or whatever else it is you need support with (contact to set up a session!).

  • cycle charting workshops (in-person): offered at various times & places throughout the year in madison, wi and other locations. contact for more info or to set up a class!

group classes that will be offered soon:

  • barriers, withdrawal, & herbal allies: discover your ideal tool kit! there are so many options for preventing pregnancy while staying away from hormones. use these in conjunction with fertility awareness charting and you got yourself a pretty sweet birth control set-up.