many of us grow up thinking any time a penis enters a vagina pregnancy can (and will!) happen.  our understanding of pregnancy is that it happens quickly & easily, and many of our initial sexual experiences are tied up with fear and anxiety.

after spending so much time & energy preventing something thought to be imminent, it can feel confusing & frustrating when a pregnancy is desired but not occurring.  why do we have to work so hard to become not pregnant, but also work to become pregnant?

learning fertility awareness & menstrual cycle charting is a simple, inexpensive, and empowering first step for creating families in infertility situations and situations where one component of baby-making is absent (i.e.: sperm, ova, or uterus).

fertility awareness sessions for conception include:

  • explanation of the hormones of the menstrual cycle
  • menstrual cycle variations
  • sperm v. egg
  • how to observe & chart basal body temperature and cervical fluid
  • how to identify the fertile window
  • when to time intercourse / insemination
  • options for at home insemination or out of clinic insemination
  • how to identify the peak day
  • how to identify the temperature shift
  • what might affect temperatures & cervical fluid readings
  • how to troubleshoot difficulties (confusing cervical fluid, abnormal cycles, etc.)
  • chart examples
  • book recommendations for further study
  • the different emotions that might come up using fertility awareness
  • the larger context of reproductive health & justice today
  • and more!

extras include:

  • discounts on birth & postpartum services if / when you get pregnant (for those near madison, wi or those who are willing to pay for long-distance travel)
  • discounts on childbirth education classes
  • discounts on sessions for charting your cycle postpartum to prevent pregnancy

private & group sessions are available online or in person (for those in or near Madison, WI).