like all creations of art, you and your child are unique. being a fulfilled and healthy parent is a dynamic process of intentionally unfolding your inner wisdom and loving nature, and those of your child. you have many choices in how you conceive, perceive, and nurture your [future] child.
— carista luminare-rosen, ph.d.

many of us grow up thinking any time a penis enters a vagina pregnancy can (and will!) happen.  our understanding of pregnancy is that it happens quickly & easily, and many of our initial sexual experiences are tied up with fear and anxiety. after spending so much time & energy preventing something thought to be imminent, it can feel confusing & frustrating when a pregnancy is desired but not occurring.  why do we have to work so hard to become not pregnant, but also work to become pregnant?

learning fertility awareness & menstrual cycle charting is a simple, inexpensive, and empowering first step for creating families, especially in possible infertility situations and situations where one component of baby-making is absent (i.e.: sperm, ova, or uterus).

conception services include:

  • charting for conception (online or in-person private session): includes explanation of the hormones of the menstrual cycle, menstrual cycle variations, all about sperm & ovum (eggs!), how to observe & chart basal body temperature and cervical fluid, how to identify the fertile window, when to time intercourse / insemination, options for at home insemination or out of clinic insemination, and so much more!

  • chart reviews (online or in-person private session): are you looking to better understand what your cycle is telling you? do you need some help interpreting your cervical fluid observations or have some questions about your charting technique? are you unsure about what days are infertile and what days are fertile? let’s look at your charts! a minimum of three charts required.