cervical fluid gallery

cervical fluid is a completely normal vaginal secretion! 

this magical fluid it is secreted from the cervical crypts which line the opening to the uterus.  most cycling people start to see cervical fluid a few days after menstruation ends and continue to see it through ovulation (this phase of the cycle when cervical fluid is secreted is sometimes called the fertile window or fertile wave).  it changes the pH level of the vagina and allows sperm to live inside the vaginal canal & uterus for up to 5 days.  it is also the basis for menstrual cycle & fertility tracking for both conception & contraception.

during the fertile window, most people notice a few transitions & patterns in the quality of their fluid: for some people the fluid begins as a sticky fluid, transitions into a creamy or milky fluid, and closer to ovulation begins to looks like raw egg whites. for other people, the pattern is slightly different. every person has their own unique cervical fluid types and patterns.

although the best way to understand cervical fluid is to track your own patterns, looking through the photos below may help you get a feel for what to look for & what to expect.