“we are told by the medical industrial complex how our body is supposed to look, how our body is supposed to behave, and what ‘health’ means, but in reality we already know a lot about our bodies. politicizing womb health is about reclaiming our autonomy of our own bodies.”
— La Loba Loca

here’s the sad truth:

we live in a culture that fears & shames sexuality, especially when that sexuality is connected to a person with a uterus.  many of us became sexually active without knowing much about ourselves at all: how our bodies work, how pregnancy & fertility works, what we desire, what is okay to want & not want, how to communicate with our partner(s), how to communicate with our selves. 

so what can we do?

learning to chart the menstrual cycle is a huge step in reclaiming our bodies—to use them in the ways WE want them to be used.  this information can be used to prevent pregnancy, to achieve pregnancy (via intercourse or insemination), or to better understand the body that moves us through the world.  this information is personal, intimate, political, empowering, transformational, simple, and life-changing.  you deserve to understand how your body works.

fertility awareness for birth control services include:

  • understanding the hormones of the menstrual cycle

  • learning about how the menstrual cycle works (fertilization & pregnancy can only happen during a specific window of fertility each cycle)

  • identifying & interpreting the fertility signals our body gives us each day (cervical fluid & basal body temperature)

  • how to apply (scientifically studied!) charting rules to avoid pregnancy

private & group classes are available online or in person (for those in or near Madison, WI).