the doula role is attempting to bring back the power of kindness in a capitalist society that focuses primarily on mass production, deliverables, and bottom lines. doulas help guide pregnant people through their births or abortions by offering physical, emotional, informational, and spiritual support.
— mary mahoney, LCSW and lauren mitchell, M.S.

no matter the outcome, pregnancy & birth are transformational / difficult / magical / spiritual times.  birth (like many other things in our lives) has been co-opted by a capitalist system, and pregnant people who choose to carry to term have been sneakily denied the right to give birth in a way that honors the experience.  they are often denied the right to give birth to their self as a new person & parent.

it's important to note that pregnant people have many different needs, and should be respected when they choose to use certain technologies and medications to achieve the birth they want.  it's important to be fully educated about these options and have space for conversations around why a birth that is outside of the current healthcare system may be preferable.

the roll of the birth companion is to be a witness to the whole experience, no matter the decisions & needs of the pregnant person, and to hold space for whatever happens.  a birth companion can help prepare the pregnant person with education & answering questions.  during labor, the birth companion may be able to provide some basic comfort measures, or help create a container in which the pregnant person is able to tap into their own strength, go through the experience in their own way & in their own time, ask for what is needed, & control the space.

pregnancy & birth services include:

  • emotional, educational, physical, & spiritual support during all the phases of your pregnancy and all possible outcomes

  • two prenatal meetings (2 hours each) to get to know each other, learn about what you may or may not want during your labor & birth, create a birth plan / hopes / vision, talk about what happens during birth, etc. (more meetings can be scheduled if desired!)

  • 24/7 on-call as you get close to your due date

  • in-person support from active labor through 1-2 hours postpartum

  • one postpartum visit (1-2 hours) to process the birth, write the birth story, etc.

  • placenta encapsulation

  • postpartum support with menstrual cycle tracking to identify when fertility is returning (and what to do if another pregnancy is / isn’t desired)

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