the doula role is attempting to bring back the power of kindness in a capitalist society that focuses primarily on mass production, deliverables, and bottom lines. doulas help guide pregnant people through their births or abortions by offering physical, emotional, informational, and spiritual support.
— mary mahoney, LCSW and lauren mitchell, M.S.

pregnancy & birth is a transformational / difficult / magical / spiritual experience and deserves to be treated as such.

in many ways, our current culture has denied pregnant people the right to give birth in a way that honors the experience, and have been denied the right to give birth to their self as a new person & parent. for most of us, our culture & community is not set up to help us be our best selves during pregnancy & birth, and to parent to the best of our abilities. it’s really, really, really hard to be a pregnant person.

having a doula with you during labor & birth certainly won’t change the world, but it might be a way for you to get the support & validation you need during this challenging & beautiful experience.

some things to know about me:

i support pregnant people at home, in birth centers, & in hospitals, using whatever technologies and medications they want or need to achieve the birth experience that is right for them.


i am familiar and comfortable with using gender inclusive language.

i believe the roll of a doula or birth companion is to be a witness to the experience and to hold space for whatever happens (for the pregnant person & whoever else is part of the experience).  a doula can help prepare the pregnant person with education & answering questions.  the doula may be able to provide some basic comfort measures.  during the labor / birth / postpartum the doula can help create a container in which the pregnant person is able to tap into their own strength, go through the experience in their own way & in their own time, ask for what is needed, & control the space. 

the energy of the doula should not be the loudest energy in the room.  the doula can't eliminate the pain, fix problems, or make decisions.

i believe being a doula or birth companion is a great honor.  i believe that ideally, we would receive this kind of support & care from our families / communities, and the only reason we have to create a business around this work is because of our warped social set-up.  i believe i am not necessarily the birth companion for everyone, but am happy to walk this journey with you if it feels like a beautiful match.

pregnancy & birth services include:

  • emotional, educational, physical, & spiritual support during all the phases of your pregnancy and all possible outcomes

  • 3 or 4 meetings during pregnancy to get to know each other, learn about your hopes & vision for your labor & birth, create a birth plan, talk about what happens during labor & birth, practice meditations or other relaxation techniques, etc. your partner is welcome to attend these as well (and more meetings can be scheduled if desired!)

  • weekly text check-in to chat about where you’re at emotionally / mentally / physically

  • 24/7 on-call +/- 2 weeks from your estimated due date

  • continuous, in-person support from active labor (or whenever you need me!) through 1-2 hours postpartum (regardless if your labor is 4 hours or 44 hours!)

  • one postpartum visit (1-2 hours) to process the birth, write the birth story, etc.

cost: $800
sliding scales & payment plans are available—just ask!


contact for availability, set up a consult, or email