although the experiences of abortion and childbirth differ, similarities exist in that they are both powerful transitions out of pregnancy, and both necessitate supportive listening and care. the continuous, positive presence of a doula can improve the way a person feels before, during, and after their abortion experience.
— bay area doula project

finding out you are pregnant can bring on a bunch of different—sometimes contradictory—emotions.  deciding to continue or end a pregnancy is a difficult decision, and even after you make a decision you may still feel confused or sad or scared.  there are so many scripts we are given on what to say and how to feel about pregnancy, miscarriage, & abortion, but they often don't tell the full story, or are too simple, or don't reflect real people's real experiences or emotions.

it's okay to feel confused, sad, scared, happy, at peace, or any combination of these or other emotions around your pregnancy and the choices you have made, are making, or will make in the future.

unfortunately there aren't a lot of places where people can talk about their decision making process around pregnancy without feeling judgment or fear.  however your pregnancy ends (in abortion, miscarriage, or labor & birth):


you deserve to have your choices, your fears, your happiness, your grief, & your confusion honored and respected.  you deserve to be treated like a whole, complete, & complex human.  you deserve to have options, you deserve to be fully educated on those options, you deserve the right to make the choices that are best for you and be 100% supported in those choices.  you deserve love & comfort & peace.  

abortion & full spectrum doulas can't make decisions for you and can't fix your problems, but they can be a safe space, a supportive space, an educational space, & a loving space. 


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